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Some of our awesome Gift Ideas :)

Our wonderful range of A.S.A.P Beauty Products.  

The selection of lovely goodies available in the gift shop.

Flowers to wear on your face! Zuii Organic is a gorgeous range of natural make up made of all natural ingredients.

Various selection of crystals & holders by Bronwyn - simply stunning & all come with own little pouch & info card.

Just a sample of our wonderful selection of Winter & Summer clothing - Hemp made, Indian, fisherman pants & so much more!

We are also the ONLY shop In Muswellbrook who stocks this African Tribal Hand~Made Jewellery. Fair Trade Friendly where the tribal ladies who produce the Jewellery sell them direct to us, no corporate middle man taking all the money. The Husband of the lady who organises the whole thing is the one travelling and selling the Jewellery to us directly, and he takes no profit for himself. He does it for his wife.

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